Udey Ismail, recognized as one of senior photographer Candid Syndrome. Best known his reminiscent art photography, Udey Ismail, in the finest photo documentary, captures the quintessence of human struggle and joy. Photographer of Candid Syndrome since 2006, Udey Ismail has searched and found the extraordinary; many of his images have become preferred. Born in Kedah, Udey Ismail graduated from a local College in Malaysia on IT and Certified certificate from CISCO. Udey Ismail still works at one of IT Company in Malaysia and freelance as a photographer with Candid Syndrome.

His Career start with Candid Syndrome as a junior photographer and now become a senior photographer. Udey Ismail has covered many wedding. He focuses on wedding, photo documentary and photo journalism.

“Most of my images are stranded in people. I look for the thoughtless moment, the vital soul glance out, experience etched on a person face and create a story from each of moments that I visually from my eyes through the lenses.


4 Responses

  1. woah!

  2. CISCO??wowo!!!

  3. Never knew u’r an IT expert!
    Now I know a lot of IT Geek has turned to a photographer.
    Kenapa jadi mcm tu ekk?

  4. walaupun xde background photo, tapi gambar hang mmg best..!!

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